Grade Sevens have been working on these presentations for most of the third term. The top twelve were chosen to speak in front of a panel of judges, from these pupils the top three were chosen. Judges were impressed by the wide variety of subject matter, the confidence of the speakers and the excellent use of visual aids. Topics included dementia, dreams,gluten intolerance and the holocaust. Thank you to Mrs Steenkamp who coached the children. The following children participated, Adam Kiefer Walker, Megan Cusins, Ayanda Tshuma, Taya Pearson, Glen Jones, Jemma Cusins, Zahraa Solomons, Nazira Modack,Daniella Beswick, Gabriel Gottlieb, Quill O Farrell and Huda Khatib. Here are the winners, Megan Cusins who spoke on L G B T Q – five different sexualities. First place. Second place, Ayanda Tshuma who spoke on lying, Jemma Cusins spoke about redheads and came third. Well done to all.