So, it’s that time of the year already and for most of us we can defiantly feel not only the cold but the strain on our wallets. That’s not to say that last year was any easier! It’s just that this year with everything happening around us, it hard not to want to scream all day long.


So, we at Schools That Rock Western Cape, thought let’s put that energy rather into findings some really yummy budget friendly soup recipes online. As always please feel free to share with us, if you feel that you have a recipe that defiantly should make the list:


  • Pick n pay recipes online have great selection of very yummy soups, one our favorites at Schools That Rock Western Cape, is the potato, leek and blue cheese as seen in main image above. Click here ( for some more great recipes from Pick n Pay.


  • l  If you not so keen to cook and don’t have enough time or the patience, why not try out one of Woolworths pre-made soup selections. We are sure that you not only find something to suit your taste but also your budget. One our favourites at Schools That Rock Western Cape is the Chicken & Multigrain Soup. Click here ( to see what else they have on offer.


  • Hello Shoprite, we certainly could not leave you off the list with that yummy Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup. If that’s not really your taste, then check out their other recipes that are so easy to here (


We at Schools That Rock Western Cape hope you enjoy the above selection and looking forward to sharing more with you this winter.