A number of our boys have again performed exceptionally well in this year’s National Science Olympiad. The competition included almost 40 000 learners from across the nine provinces in South Africa as well as the SADC countries Lesotho, Namibia and Zimbabwe as well as some schools in Australia.

  • Bishops had 5 boys scoring in the top 50 across the SADC countries and these boys were all invited to the Youth Science Forum held in Johannesburg over the holidays.

Angus Thring
Kwangbem Ko
Andrew Hodgson
Nicholas Featherstone
Nicholas Bowden

  • Kwanbem wKo as placed 17th in the competition overall, Nicholas Bowden 25th. Andrew and Nicholas Featherstone were both placed in the top 50.
  • Angus Thring was first place first overall in the competition for the second year running. This year he scored 94%!
    • Angus was awarded a special award for extraordinary achievement and R30 000 towards study at any university of his choice.
    • In recognition of this extraordinary achievement Angus is awarded a distinction tie.

These are truly impressive results and we congratulate all these boys on their outstanding achievements.