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Woman’s day at The Grove Primary School

Well done on Women’s Day Ashley. Ashley Silberbauer managed her fastest clear round ever yesterday! She came 2nd in the 60cm clear round, timed jump off competition at the Hout Bay Riding Center Woman’s Day Show, on her beloved horse Prince. Here we see Ashley and Prince in action last week-end. In the next picture Ashley has her blue rosette for second place, and her friend Rebecca has her yellow rosette for third place. What a way to celebrate Women’s Day...

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HS Hottentots Holland Drummies

The drummies leave for Durban on Friday 7 July! Join us on 5 July for a special ceremony and to watch them in action as they GO FOR GOLD! Join HHH Drummies Join us as we present the six displays that we will be performing at Nationals in Durban. Supporters and families of girls can come together to show support as we wish our ladies all of the best as the GO FOR GOLD! There will be speeches by HHH headmaster, coaches, leader and captain as they prepare to leave on Friday 7...

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Positive Quotes

Stay positive and happy.
Work hard and don’t give up
hope. Be open to criticism
and keep learning. Surround
yourself with happy, warm
and genuine people.